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ReFaC News

Downstream users urged to check registration statuses

13 June 2016

ECHA are encouraging downstream users of chemicals to check if business critical substances will be registered

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ECHA publishes a document to help companies registering low tonnage, low risk chemicals

19 May 2016

ECHA publishes an inventory of chemicals likely to fulfil the criteria set out in Annex III to the Regulation, and are therefore likely to be obliged to submit the full data set as specified in Annex VII.

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Chemspec Europe 2016

4 May 2016

ReFaC's Rachel Green and Rachel Hill will be attending Chemspec Europe in Basel this year.

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ECHA announces a new generation of IT tools

22 April 2016

ECHA have made changes to IUCLID and Chesar in an effort to simplify them and make them more intuitive to use.

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ECHA to review completeness of registrations

20 April 2016

The roles of registrants of the same substance to belong to a joint submission have been clarified by the Board of Appeal

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