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Brexit and REACH representation

15 December 2016

As we all know, the EU is facing many current and future changes in the light of the UK referendum, and forthcoming elections and referenda elsewhere in the EU over the coming months.

The remaining REACH deadline of May 2018 is likely to take place before the UK undertakes a negotiated exit from the EU. Customers, existing and new can have confidence that ReFaC shall continue to professionally service their OR & UK registration requirements to enable ongoing access to the UK & EU market.

For the longer term ReFaC have been considering what the post BREXIT regulatory landscape could look like, and have been undertaking scenario planning as well as gleaning the best external advice available. In the light of current information, ReFaC has and will put measures into place to ensure that our clients, existing and future, can have confidence that we will be able to continue to offer professional, cost effective regulatory services on an ongoing basis, both pre and post BREXIT.

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