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Changing regulatory service providers

1 March 2016

Recent industry trends suggest that the majority of chemical companies who currently employ external consultants to provide regulatory services may change suppliers in 2016.

While many are aware that it is a simple process to switch regulatory service providers, some are not. We also find that it is particularly common for companies not to know that it is even possible to change an appointed Only Representative (OR) if you are unhappy with your current service provider.

If the Only Representative is changed, this is considered to be a change in legal entity and the new OR will need update this change on REACH-IT and provide evidence of the appointment and of the agreement of the previous Only Representative to this change. This is a simple process and can be carried out very quickly.

Where your service provider is not the registrant for your substance (as is the case with an appointed OR), switching service providers is even easier.

ReFaC offers a range of regulatory services, from REACH (including acting as an OR) to CLP.

If you would like to discuss how ReFaC could take over as your regulatory service provider, contact us now.

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