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Changes to Food Contact Material requirements

23 October 2018

Regulation 1935/2004 is the Framework Regulation on all food contact materials and sets out the general legal requirements for all food contact materials and articles. This includes packaging materials, kitchen utensils, printing inks and adhesive labels to name a few.

There are various Regulations that fall under the Framework Regulation (EU 1935/2004). These Regulations go into detail on specific materials, such as ceramics, plastics, recycled plastics and active and intelligent materials.

A 2016 update is one of the larges recent amendments and includes a number of changes, including updates to the testing requirements. This update is a response to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and Member State follow ups on specific material and safety assessments.

As food contact material or article manufacturers and suppliers are required to verify their compliance, it is recommended that companies review and update their documentation to ensure they are up to date with recent changes in the Regulation.

There are a number of steps that can be taken in order to comply with the Food Contact legislation. These include;

  • Compiling a complete list of all substances used in the production of your food contact material
  • Review the Declaration of Compliance (DoC) from any suppliers according to your position in the supply chain
  • Check any applicable requirements for any non-plastic intermediates and gather information
  • Determine the food contact application of your material (the type of food stuff of intended contact, time and temperature during typical conditions of use)
  • Set up compliance testing program
  • Demonstrate your GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliance
  • Compile you DoC

If you require assistance with Food Contact Material requirements, please contact ReFaC now.

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