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Downstream users urged to check registration statuses

13 June 2016

ECHA are encouraging users of chemicals to check with their suppliers that substances whcih are critical to their businesses will be registered by the deadline on the 31st May 2018. This deadline applies to substances manufactured or imported in 1-100 tonnes per year. Substances imported/manufactured above this volume should already be registered.

By checking to see if your supplier or manufacturer will register by the deadline, it will help to avoid interruption in the supply chain. If your supplier does not intend to register, this may provide you with time to find an alternative supplier or a replacement substance.

ECHA are also advising that downstream users check that their uses will be covered by the registration. Under REACH downstream users have the right to make their specific uses known to the ir supplier, which will help suppliers and manufacturers make their assessments more realistic and accurate. This in turn will benifit the downstream user as the advice they recieve from suppliers will be directly applicable to their uses and the SDSs and exopsure scenarios will be easier to read and implement.

Downstream user industry associations are generating "use maps" that describe the typical uses and conditions of use within a sector by filling in a template available on ECHA's website. These "use maps" will be made available through ECHA's website and will harmonise the information flow to the registrants.

If you have any questions, contact ReFaC now.

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