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ECHA announces a new generation of IT tools

22 April 2016

At the end of April 2016, ECHA will be releasing new versions of IUCLID and Chesar - the IT tools used for creating REACH and CLP dossiers and for preparing CHemical Safety Reports. The changes are intended to simplify the tools and make them more intuitive to use with the aim of assisting SME's meet the REACH registration deadline on the 31st May 2018.

Following the release of the new IUCLID and Chesar tools, an updated version of REACH-IT (the dossier submission and communication tool) will be released at the end of June 2016. The new REACH-ITwill help ECHA ensure that dossiers cannot be submitted seperatey if there is an existing registration, supporting their 'one substance, one submission' principle.

Up until the new REACH-IT is launched, dossier submissions must be made using the current IUCLID 5. However after the new REACH-IT is introduced, dossiers must be created with the new IUCLID 6. ECHA is advising using the time between the launches to familiarise yourself with the new IUCLID 6 format and adjust to the new tools.

Help will be available with the new IT tools, a user support will be integrated into the tools and ECHA are organising webinars that will offer practical advice in the upcoming months.

If you have any questions on how this change or the May 2018 registration deadline may affect you, please contact ReFaC.


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