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ECHA warns of false lead registrant claims

25 February 2016

ECHA has released a warning that they have been been made aware that certain companies have been claiming to be the lead registrant. This has been in cases where their nomination to be lead registrant has not been agreed between the co-registrants, where a lead registrant has already been appointed or where a joint REACH registration has already been submitted to ECHA.

ECHA urges companies to ensure they have correctly identified the lead registrant, and has provided the following advice to assist with checking their validity:

  1. Ask for details on the identity of the substance to establish substance sameness
  2. Ask for evidence that they have the consent of the co-registrant to act as a lead registrant
  3. Ask for evidence that they have sufficient information for a compliant dossier

Accepting an offer from lead registrants that are not compliant with REACH may seem less expensive, however in many cases the quality of the dossier will be inadequate which could ultimately lead to legal consequences and further costs.

Now that ECHA has tightened up on the 'One Substance, One Registration' principle, it is even more important that a reputable lead registrant submits the registration, as only one registration can be submitted per substance in REACH-IT.

If you have any concerns about correctly identifying the lead registrant for your substance(s), contact ReFaC now.

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