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ECHA publishes a document to help companies registering low tonnage, low risk chemicals

19 May 2016

ECHA has recently published an inventory of substances which are likely to fufil the criteria of 'hazardous'. The aim of this inventory is to help registrants of substances manufactured/imported in quantities of less than 10 tonnes per year.

The standard information requirements for the lowest tonnage band (1-10tpa) are defined in Annex VII and includes information on physicochemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties on the substance. Annex III was introduced to reduce the amount of testing needed for low volume, phase-in substances where there is no predicted risk. If a substance does not meet the Annex III criteria, it may then be possible to register it with a reduced set of information (the physicochemical data only).

The Annex III inventory released by ECHA contains a list of substances that are likely to fulfil any of the criteria set out in Annex III. If a substance does meet the criteria set out in this Annex, then the full set of information is required. However, in this case, it may be possible for registrants to apply for the registration fee waiver which is apllicable for any 1 to 10 tonne dossier that meets the information requirements of Annex VII.

Along with this inventory, ECHA has published a checklist to help registrants conclude if they can take advantage of the reduced information requirements. There is also advice containing illustrative examples on the use of the inventory available on ECHA's website.

If you have any questions on how the reduced information set or registration fee waiver could benifit your company, please contact ReFaC.


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