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ECHA Update List of Substances Potentially Subject to Compliance Checks

29 April 2015

ECHA published the first list of substances which could be subject to compliance checks in January 2015. As of 23 April 2015, this list has been updated and now includes 67 substances such as propan-2-ol and vinyl acetate.

This is part of ECHA’s new compliance check strategy, which aims to increase the efficiency and transparency of dossier evaluation and to focus on substances which have the highest impact on human health and the environment.

As always, compliance checks could also be carried out on registration dossiers for substances which are on the Community Rolling Action Plan.

ECHA plan to update this list of substances several times a year and it would be strongly advisable for registrants to check this list regularly.

If you have any questions regarding the compliance of registration dossiers and how we can assist you, contact us now.


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