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Inquiry process made more efficient

11 May 2017

ReFaC would encourage companies to late pre-register in time for the deadline if this is possible. This will allow you an extra year in which to register. Otherwise, after the deadline substances will have to be registered immediately via the inquiry route before REACH compliance is achieved. To find out more about the late pre-registration deadline, please click here for more information.

Once the possibility for late pre-registration ends in May 2017, the only way companies will be able to get in contact with existing registrants to share data and access the joint registration is through an inquiry. This means that you must complie an inquiry dossier in IUCLID and submit it to ECHA.

After May, ECHA expects that the number of inquiry dossiers to increse. ECHA have made improvements to the inquiry process with the aim that potential registrants are put in contact with other registrants with minimal delay. An example of these improvements that have been made is that the data sharing tasks related to data provision for substances with EINECS and List numbers have been automated.

If you would like to know how ReFaC can assist you with your REACH registrations, contact us know.


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