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List of substances with identified lead registrants published by ECHA

3 October 2016

Recently ECHA has published a list of substances of the lead registrants who declared themselves in REACH-IT and have given permission for this information to be published.

This list has the potential to save large amounts of time and effort when it comes to identifying and contacting lead registrants about joint registrations and data availability. However, if no lead registrant is visible on the list, you will have to go about finding their contact details on REACH-IT as previously done.

The list contains approximately 7,000 substances and contains information on substance name, substance identifiers, registration type and if a lead dossier has been submitted. You will be able to download the list in either a PDF or Excel format.

If a pre-registered substance does not have a declared lead registrant yet, it may be necessary to consider adopting the lead registrant role yourself. To do this you need to announce your intentions on the pre-SIEF page and gain the agreement of your co-registrants.

ECHA are encouraging all lead registrants to allow the publication of their names on ECHA's website, so maximum benefit is obtained from this list. The list will be regularly updated as more information on substances and joint submissions is made available.

If you would like any more information regarding the REACH registration of substances, contact ReFaC now.


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