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Old style chemical labels to be off the shelves by 1st June

4 May 2017

From the 1st June 2017, all chemical products placed on the market must be labelled in accordance with CLP Regulation. This date is the end of the transitional period for the labelling of mixtures. If you still have products on shelves that have the labels in accordance with earlier legislation, you must ensure the products are re-classified and re-labelled in accordance with CLP or no longer place the product on the market.

The rationale behind the classification and labelling of hazardous chemicals is to ensure a high degree of protection to health and the environment. It also helps to improve the free movement of substances, mixtures and articles as it is based on the Globally Harmonised System (GHS), which is agreed in the UN.

For any advice on how to ensure your product labels are CLP compliant, contact ReFaC now.


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