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REACH doesn't end at registration

2 July 2018

The final deadline has now passed. You have submitted the registrations that you needed to. You're REACH compliant, and can relax now right? Unfortunately not.

It is an obligation of the registrant to ensure that their SDSs are fully compliant with the Regulation. SDSs should be reviewed to ensure that any relevant REACH registration numbers are included and the documents are updated to take into account any physicochemical and (eco)toxicological data from lead dossiers as well as considering the classification of the substance(s) set by the lead registrant and/or the harmonised classification, if relevant. This information may result in the need to change the labels of your products.

You must also remember that for substances registered in volumes greater than 10 tonnes per annum, an eSDS will be required. The eSDS must contain relevant exposure scenarios for your use in the form of an Annex to the SDS.

If you require help in assessing your SDSs and labels for compliance or a longer-term solution in order to keep track of ongoing update requirements, please contact ReFaC for further details.

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