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The European chemical industry take steps to enhance chemical safety communication

13 October 2016

ECHA and the EU chemical industry have made a joint statement in an attempt to enhance the communication around chemical safety. The statement covers the combined efforts of ECHA, the Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination group (DUCC) and the European Chemical Safety Council (Cefic) to improve communication along the chemical products supply chain within Europe.

The aim of this statement is to strengthen the application of REACH as the final registration deadline of 2018 approaches.

The use of toold such as sector use maps are crucial to the efforts of authorities, industry and other stakeholders when it come to improving supply chain communication. These maps provide templates for sectors to share how they use different chemicals. Registrants can then use this information in their registration dossiers to provide realistic uses. Whilst sector use maps have been recognised as a useful input for high quality registration dossiers, their use have not yet become institutionalised. This is something that stakeholders have expressed a wish to change as these sector use maps will become increasingly important as more smaller companies try and complete their REACH registrations for the 2018 dealine.

Cefic has made the commitment to continue to raise awareness and encourage member companies to make use of setor use map information for their 2018 registrations and when it comes to updating existing registration dossiers. DUCC will also continue to spread awareness of sector use maps that support registrants in generating useful exposure scenarios. ECHA will support industry in making sure that communicationon safe use of chemicals both up and down the supply chain is easy to understand, comprehensive  and effective. ECHA will also host these use maps on its website and will continue promoting their use in future years.

If you have any questions about creating your own REACH registration dossier, contact ReFaC now for advice.


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