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Updated REACH-IT to be released in November

25 October 2017

A new version of REACH-IT, the tool used for dossier submission and communication, is currently being worked on and ECHA hope to introduce on the 7thNovember 2017. It should be noted that ECHA plan to close down REACH-IT from the 1stto the 6thof November whilst the update is being managed.

The updated version should not affect the submission of registration dossiers, the aim of the update is to build up ECHA’s capacity to deal with the incoming dossiers for the 31 May 2018 deadline. ECHA have stated that the update will include new features. These include:

  • Increased transparency in joint submissions. All members of the joint submission will be able to see an overview of the data requirements associated to each member’s last successful submission and an indication if the lead or any other members have chosen to opt out from any information in the joint submission. This information will be on the Joint Submission page of REACH-IT.
  • There will be a new online submission for downstream user notifications of authorised uses and the reports for unsupported uses. This will replace the existing web form
  • There will be a new online submission for substance in articles notifications, replacing the existing web form.

ECHA will be closing REACH-IT from 20:00 GMT on the 31 October to prepare for the update. ECHA state that it will be re-opened on the 7 November at 08:00 GMT. If you have any issues or require any assistance on this issue, ECHA recommend that you contact them via the ECHA helpdesk.

If you require any assistance with your REACH registrations or have any queries please contact ReFaC to see how we can help.

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